Bronze Edition

Bronze is the perfect choice for small offices with 1-25 employees.

The Easy & affordable solution
1-25 Employees

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Silver Edition

Choose Silver to add Scheduling features. Can be used for 1 to 100 employees. Managers can be alerted to variances needing addressed.

The affordable Solution that includes scheduling

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Gold Edition

Gold allows for diverse business rules to be applied to different departments or groups. Data can be accessed from other licenced computers accross a network.

Great Range of benefits for small to medium businesses

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Platinum Edition

Platinum has the same feature set as Gold, but is more robust for busy networks or multiple locations. Allows disparate locations to feed data to a centralized database.

Solutions for busy networks or multiple locations

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Count Me In® is a Leading provider in time and attendance software solutions. We help you save time AND money!

  • Timecard Monitor is used by more than 14,000 customers worldwide to eliminate timecards, stop Buddy-Punching and time theft.
  • Our versatile time and attendance software works with biometric systems — fingerprint or facial reading devices, as well as other input devices such as RFID card readers
  • Our time and attendance software is affordable and works seamlessly with QuickBooks®, ADP®, PayChex®, Pensoft® and more

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