About Count Me In


At Count Me In® it is our Mission to empower Main Street Businesses to focus on core business challenges. We accomplish this by providing large enterprise time tracking tools & innovative biometric technology solutions scaled for all size business needs & budgets, providing a strong focus on Customer Service and Client-Driven Enhancements.



What could be more important than ensuring the safety and security of an innocent, young child? The company founders began in childcare in 1974.  They  witnessed the nation’s escalating preoccupation with child safety issues.

Responding to these concerns, they developed and implemented fool-proof security measures at their childcare facilities.

The Door Monitor Provides Security Solutions

In 1990, what would become “Count Me In”, created an entry system that admitted only  parents and employees. The Door Monitor, a state-of-the-art, PC-based, time clock control system, secured doors and granted access privileges only to specific people and only at specified times. The extra bonus was that the time clock system permitted the centers’ directors to focus on the core business and more efficiently manage their staff and their facilities.

After implementing the time clock control system in the centers, we then integrated the existing technology with a timecard application module that preprocessed payroll information. The system, named Timecard Monitor™, ran without a hitch for more than five years, and in 1995, CMI  was born when the decision was made to market the door access and timecard products to other providers in the childcare industry.

The tremendous demand for these products validated the need to offer boimetric time clock applications to other industries. Small to mid-sized businesses were also interested in implementing new safety and security measures to manage their employees and payroll.


In 1999, CMI began working with biometric fingerprint recognition and joined the technology’s early pioneers, partnering with Digital Persona, a California-based company developing sensing devices. The goal was to create a system that would “know” who the individual was before the verification of the person’s identify could take place.

We then developed biometric software that extended Digital Persona’s technology, enabling it to identify individuals as well as verify their identity without using personal identification numbers (PINs), badges,or other devices. This new feature made “Buddy Punching” (the act of an employee inserting another’s timecard into the time clock) obsolete, giving employers an effective way to control entry as well as to accurately verify employee hours. After two years of development and beta testing the biometric clock, Count Me In, LLC® was officially launched in 2001 with the release of Timecard Monitor.

Later that year, Count Me In joined the Intuit Developer Network, making it easier for its customers to link data from their Timecard Monitor time and attendance programs with Intuit’s QuickBooks products. Similarly, it exposed millions of QuickBooks users to Timecard Monitor’s fast and accurate timecard processing capabilities and its secure biometric recognition features.

The next step was the company’s introduction of Door Monitor, which used the same advanced biometric technology for the time clock control and security application as it did for the time and attendance product.

In early 2005, the company released Version 6.0 of its product, which offers a wider spectrum of biometric time clock applications allowing customers to pick a best suited price point.